Monday, September 19, 2011

Who's In Charge Here?

copyright Cheryel Hutton 

Cheryel can’t be here today. I tied her up in the closet she had something she had to attend to. Who am I? I’m Quill, Cheryel’s muse. I usually hang out as a dragon, but I’m taking the form of a woman to type this (I make too many mistakes using my claws). I’m here to tell the world Cheryel’s secret problem: she doesn’t type fast enough!

I seriously do not understand. I’m sending her characters and stories, and she keeps shoving them aside. What does she mean she has to polish the last one first? If she’d typed them properly she wouldn’t have this problem. And there’s the one about she has too many stories in her head already. Well, if she’d type faster, she wouldn’t have that problem either. And the worst is needing to spend time with her “family.” Now really, why does she need anybody else when she has all the people I pull into her head.

Right now, she’s finally finishing work on the romantic suspense I gave her over a year ago. It took her forever to even start writing it. And she took time out to write a shorter story, but goodness! How long does it take? I have a vampire story I want her to write, and a couple of funny ones, and there’s another romantic suspense that stars characters from her very first manuscript, the one she screwed up so badly that no one will ever see it. At least I hope not.

Yikes! I think she’s getting loose, I mean it’s about time for her to get home. Now don’t tell her I wrote this. Promise?

Writers: Go write!
Non-writers: Do whatever it is you do.


Angela Wallace said...

Nice to meet you, Quill. My muse is a little more understanding than you, though she does like to blow things up, so you two may get along in that regard. Just make sure you don't throw fire bombs while we're writing. You could singe the computer. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Haha, I know the feeling, these bloody muses just never shut up! :)
- andrea

KM Huber said...

It is so about time that muses went online to tell all!

My writer--and I use that term loosely--has done everything but write since I provided her a novel 16 years ago. She managed to get down the story but that's it.

Right now, she's off walking that damned beagle and then it will be Facebook time or reading her horoscope on the Shirley MacLaine website, as if either will help.

Her current "think" project is a blog, as if she needed another project. From one muse to another: does having a blog help the writing process?

Well, just wanted you to know, Quill, you are not alone.

Isabelle Burns for
KM Huber

Nancy J Nicholson said...

Cheryel, You're going to have to control Quill. She's cute and all, but you really are in charge. But from the sounds of it, Quill does have some very valuable points. As to typing faster have you ever used Dragon Naturally Speaking? It does the typing for you and maybe Quill will have someone to spare you from all that pent up energy waiting for you to write the stories.

Cheryel Hutton said...

Quill says: thank you to everybody for commenting. It's great to meet a fellow muse, Isabelle!

I'm not really crazy about the encouragement to control me. As if that were possible. Thanks for agreeing with me on the faster typing and stuff.


Cheryel Hutton said...

Leave my computer alone, Quill. Dang that dragon. I let you blow up a car in my current WIP. ANd if you'd tell my characters to talk to me at appropriate times--like when I'm working on their stories...

Oh, sorry. Thank you, Angela, wordyliving, KM and Nancy. It's always nice to see you here. :)

Ali Dent said...

I loved this! It's clever but for some reason it really touched my heart. I was encouraged to get busy and stop thinking so much. Having trouble with that right now.Thanks