Friday, September 23, 2011

Painting Sarah: A Portrait of Autism...

Normally, I go for funny on Fridays, but I happened on a video that I just had to share with you.

A couple of days ago, I read Carrie Spencer's blog,  and was blown away by the video she posted. So blown away that I didn't stop with just the one video. I watched several of the amazingly talented Chris Scalf's   videos. And then I happened on the one I'm posting here.

This video is not only one of the most awesome things I’ve ever seen, somehow this father manages to capture the autism of his beautiful little girl. How do I know? My grandson is autistic. And yeah, I see him in Sarah. Autism isn’t pretty, but these kids are magical. And somehow Mr. Scalf has captured that magic in his work. 

lDid you know autism affects 1 in 110 children? Do you know anyone with autism? Are you surprised how much the picture resembles a photograph? Awesome huh?

Next Friday, we'll get back to the funny stuff.

Have a great weekend!


Natalie said...

What an incredible artist. I am stunned - love it! I saw it on Carrie's blog as well and was blown away. I work a lot in Photoshop and the time it would take to master this technique is insane.
My 12-year-old Godson is autistic. He has asperger syndrom and is one of the most beautiful and inspirational children I have ever had the honor to know. His spirit, compassion, and ability to empathies is unlike anything I've ever seen in a child his age. He has struggles but his inner light and strength carries him through and we are all so proud of him!

Bridgette Booth said...

This is stunning! Thanks for sharing.
Now I'll need to go over to Carrie's blog and see those as well. :)

Nancy J Nicholson said...

Yes, Cheryel, I've known several with autism, some, high functioning, some not so, but those folks are all awesome.

Angela Wallace said...

That's incredible. Thanks for sharing. =)

Cheryel Hutton said...

Thanks, everybody, for commenting.