Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Free Brain Food

Anybody who’s ever happened onto this blog probably knows I’m a nerd. Can’t help it. I love learning. And what’s the problem with that? Learning throughout life is a great way to sharpen the mind and increase enjoyment of the world around us. There are thousands of opportunities out there, books, classes, and even free online lectures. You won’t get a degree (but that too is available online these days), but these sites offer a lot if you don’t need the letters after your name.

Disclaimer: I haven’t actually taken (listened to?) any of the courses at these sites, but I have poked around on the sites more than once, and they seem to have good content and easy, free access. There are several courses I’d like to try. As soon as I get my current manuscript polished, I’m going to try one (or more) of these. Why not?

I love the name of this site, and there are a couple of courses I’m going to get into at the first opportunity:

These two also look very interesting:

I’ve heard many good things about the BBC languages site:

Did you know about these websites? Have you ever taken an online course (for credit or not)? Have you ever investigated furthering your education online?


Natalie said...

Life long learning is very cool and keeps us challenged and feeling productive. I've taken a few online courses, mostly in web design (HMTL etc). I've also done a 12-week writing workshop, again that was non-credit. I have found them to be the most rewarding because there's no pressure of a university credit.
I think any learning, credit or non-credit, rocks!

Cheryel Hutton said...

Ah, a girl after my own heart :)

Thanks for taking the time to comment!

Angela Wallace said...

Our wana711 workshop was my first online class. Now that I'm interpreting in college classrooms, I get access to new and interesting subjects--without the homework!

Cheryel Hutton said...

Sounds cool. ASL?

Thanks for commenting!