Thursday, May 12, 2011

I love the smell of procrastination in the morning

With apologies to the fans of Apocalypse Now, I offer this little window into my life. I’m a procrastinator. Shocking, you say—as you look back at my lack of entries over the last months. Why am I posting today? Well, because I’m revising a manuscript, and nothing gets a writer doing things they don’t normally do than writing.
Shouldn’t you love writing? You ask. 

I do love it. Trust me, if I didn’t I wouldn’t sit here day after day. 

So why procrastinate? You ask.

Because, in spite of the way movies portray writers, it’s hard work. But you know how hard work feels good when you’re finished? The sense of accomplishment is like no other. And the magic of taking a blank page/screen and putting a story on there. Of making the words flow, of tapping into the glowing, tingling current of the Muse. 

It’s a high. A writer’s high, much like the runner’s high, when your body pushes past the limit you thought it could endure to feel the rush of an entirely new level of existence. That’s what writers yearn for, that’s why we write. 

That, and our characters won’t leave us alone.

Have a great day!