Monday, March 30, 2009

What If Your Mother Sees That!

My husband and I participated in Earth Hour Saturday night. As I sat trying to read to the light of a flickering candle, nostalgia filled me. I grew up in a small town whose electrical supply was the tail end of a larger city’s supplier. The city was miles away, and they got priority. Every time it stormed, and it storms a lot in Tennessee, our power went out. We kept candles and an oil lamp—and trust me, they got used. I loved those times.

There was something special about those evenings when the power went off, when my grandmother and I sat at the kitchen table and talked and read. The scent of the oil, the flickering light, the closeness to another person. Sometimes my mom would join us. Sometimes we’d play Author Cards—and I learned about people like Alfred, Lord Tennyson, Sir Walter Scott, Washington Irving, and Edgar Allan Poe. Can't find the dang things anymore, and it's a shame.

I had lunch with my mom last week. I had given her a print copy of Shadows of Evil, and she gave me an amazing compliment when she said she liked it. Then she leaned closer and said, "But I think it would have been just as good without all that," she lowered her voice even more, "sex. Don’t you think so?"

I sat there, in the middle of the restaurant, wondering just how red my face was becoming. I told her that my love scenes were very mild compared to most of what’s out there. "It is?" she asked. The shocked disbelief in her voice killed my embarrassment, and send that little doubt worm burrowing through me. Oh. My. God! My mother had read my sex scenes! Should I have given her that book to read? Was my work too sexy? Maybe I should just write sweet romances. Okay, that was when my logic circuits twitched and sparked. I had tried that gig, and it was not a good fit. I tried to explain that when you have somebody’s arm ripped off in the prologue, closing the bedroom door just seems silly. Then I changed the subject.

Shadows of Evil’s print edition officially releases tomorrow. Ebooks may be the wave of the future, but holding an actual paper book in my hand—a book with my name on the cover—is one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had. Having my mother like the book (except for the sex, of course) just made it more special.

Have a great Monday!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I gots books!

I got my author copies of Shadows of Evil today. I'm excited, I'm goofy, I can't believe it's true. My book in my hand. It's an awesome feeling.

Thank you to everybody who helped me live my dream. This is amazing!